Things to come…

I have finally begun styling the site so It will look completely different in a few days. I also changed the comment system to one like Facebook- but it lets you comment from yahoo plus others. I am working on adding every piece of digital art I have to the portfolio, then I will add […]

A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
Chinese Proverb

Now Accepting New Projects!

I thank my most recent customers for their clientele and I know they are very happy with he work I was able to do for them and their websites and graphics. You can view those works int he projects section now if you woudl like- but this post is about the fact that I am […]


Tripleonesix, version four.twenty (4.20)

Hey, hows it going? Welcome to the site… still being worked on. But it will be double rainbow fantastic and stuff, so yeah. enjoy.