Best underground EDM artist…

I think there is some essential music out right now that is not known by many people for it isn’t as “popular” or played out on the radio like so much of today’s trash tunes. I listen to a lot of music from a wide spectrum of genres though I do tend to lean more towards the electronic music sound. As someone who continues to improve in the production of electronic music, I recognize some really talented producers that may be more underground and have a truly unique and fresh sound.

In the past few month I have become online friends with  one of my new favorite EDM artists; genericcat. With smooth synths and deep baselines mixed with really interesting melodies and vocal samples she creates some of the best electronic music to date as an underground artist.

You can find her on a few places; SoundCloud and Bandcamp.  I am inclined to have you go check out her music because it is really well produced and fresh.

Consider supporting her on Bandcamp, like I have and buy one one two of her albums which are name your price. Finally I will leave you with this track which is HipHop/Rap, “roger-murdock“.