The Adventures of Shorty, the Tiger-Camel

A few years back i set out on a journey around the city, a trip I did not trek solo. With me was a small plush animal… who I had nicknamed Shorty, the tiger-camel because of his appearance. Well turns out he had big plans…

“As far back as he could recall he had always wanted to see the world, he grew tired of just sitting atop Spacers monitor. As Spacer sat down one day at his computer, he heard a tiny voice calling out to him, “Spacer, please… help me accomplish my dreams! Help me see the World!”

Being both shocked that he was talking to a stuffed animal and moved at the sincerity and boldness of Shorty’s words, spacer agreed… and thus, the Adventures of Shorty the Tiger-Camel was born!”

So we set out together… you know what, here you can see for yourself.


AoS_SetOut   AoS_theClimb AoS_crash


But remember, he waned to see it all… the world!



So there ya go… it all ended as well as I could have hoped for… honestly I don’t know how he survived all that travel, do they let stuffed animals on airplanes flying alone? Oh well that neither here nor there. I think we can all learn a lot from Shorty, the Tigerl-Camel.

…oh, he also likes to party, him on new years:


I am absolutely sure that we have not seen the last of… Shorty, the Tiger camel! 😀

He wishes you well in all your own adventures.


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