Just another website on a random server in a inconsequential part of the world. A place where dreams flirt with reality in a seemingly never ending dance of fates. Random musings and flat out absurd stories can be seen here in all to be enjoyed or not by the visitor of said website; you. Millennia in the making yet only just birthed- infinite.

A crew of more than a thousand tiny pixies slave everyday to maintain this abomination all of them union-less slaves, oh they try to unionize… let them, it will never happen! To be sure this is no place for the faint of heart for within these pages may lie the most startling of facts, facts that may shake your foundation and revelations that if revealed to those unworthy may cause catastrophic consequences in space and time.

Alas enjoy these pages, these digital scrolls of the new age, for enlightenment, may be your reward.

This website is a collection of many forms of my art: from the hand typed code that controls it, to the graphics used in the design and/or any images or art used in posts, as well as all written content (poems, short stories, blog posts,etc) are ©2018, tripleonesix.com. All rights reserved.